MOOC on the basis of Research Data Management coming soon

MOOC on Research Data Management and sharing (RDM) is soon to be completed. It is currently being proofread and will soon be published on the EMMA platform.
This course, entitled «Basics of managing and sharing research data» is composed of 2 lessons:
– Context and stakes of RDM; to understand the place that data occupy in society and science, and to grasp the issues related to their openness.
– Concept and process of RDM; to identify the key concepts, steps and actors related to managing research data.
This course was built in partnership between IBLUninaInist CNRS and Urfist Méditerranée. It uses several types of media to present the concepts and facilitate their understanding.
As an example, here is one of these media which retraces the Lancet affair during the Covid-19 epidemic concerning the retraction of an article due to lack of access to data:
The infographic is available here: