Open Badge Ecosystem for the Recognition of Skills in Research Data Management & Sharing


Open Badges are digital badges designed in a format that make them shareable on different platforms in dedicated spaces (“backpacks”). Open Badge allow individuals to demonstrate the various skills and experience they have acquired.



The aim of OBERRED project is to create a practical guide that will include the technical specificities and issues of OB, roles and skills related to RDM and principles for the application of OB to RDM.




The ecosystem is animated (awareness, training, intermediation…) by facilitators within the network of partners.




This training will be achieved through online courses, individual trainings within the partners organisations and working groups. The trainings will focus on the Open Badges stakes and methodology and an initiation on RDM. A guide of the ecosystem will complete those trainings.


In a second phase the badges will be built through collaboration between facilitators and stakeholders. Practically two kinds of badges will be made: the badges linked to training / teaching actions and badges linked to RDM processes, in a more exploratory way. Once made, the badges will be implemented on the partners platforms.