MOOC on the basis of Research Data Management: focus on the DMP

The subject matter of the second lesson of the MOOC is “Concept and process of RDM” on the EMMA platform and has 9 units:

  1. Understanding the data lifecycle
  2. FAIR principles
  3. Data Management Plan (DMP)
  4. Legal and ethical aspects
  5. Metadata
  6. Persistent identifiers
  7. The 3 distinct steps of data storage
  8. Reuse and valorisation of data
  9. Evaluation

With the third unit, you’ll explore the world of Data Management Plan (DMP)!

An essential document

The DMP has become a widespread management tool. It is increasingly recommended or required worldwide.

A project management tool

It is an evolving, dynamic and continuously updated document (introduction of a new dataset, patent deposit, changes in the consortium…). It is also a project management tool that facilitate the organization and description of data. It allows to define responsibilities, resources and produce FAIR data.

Actors and contributors

The researcher is not alone to write his DMP. The DMP is an opportunity of collaboration with the various stakeholders of the project: scientists, IT specialists, data librarians, project managers, lawyers… Data management requires a collective effort!

Data Management Plan, what is it?

With this short video, you’ll understand what DMP contains and when it should be written.