Research Data Management: a new formation exigence

The adequate management of research data has always been an indispensable element of trustworthy scientific research. Research data management involves the maintenance of data throughout the research process, and suitable archiving of the data at the project’s completion. It is an on-going activity throughout the data life cycle which requires data management practices, skills and experiences. Searching quickly on the main web search engines it is evident that universities are increasingly committed to creating training opportunities aimed at Research Data Management.

For example, ETH Zürich has organized a Summer School 2022 offering to early career scientists an extensive overview on Research Data Management, its principles, its practical implications and on useful tools. Sessions of the ETH Research Data Management Summer School cover the following topics:

  • Broad introduction to research data management and aspects of open science
  • Daily data management during the course of a research project
  • Reproducible data management and analysis
  • Open access to publications
  • Sharing and publishing research data
  • Long-​term preservation of research data

University of Helsinki Data Support organized Research Data Management (RDM) Advanced webinar series in March and April. Series contains of five webinars where it goes through key themes required in effective and ethically sound research data management. The webinar series elaborates themes and details introduced in RDM basic lectures , documentation, law & ethics, storing solutions, publishing and archiving, resources and responsibilities. Also OBERRED project aims to be a practical guide that will include the technical specificities and issues of OB, roles and skills related to RDM and principles for the application of OB to RDM. Shortly, as soon as possible, the results of the project will be published on the website.